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5 years Ambassador for a Day ! 

In 2022, the Ambassador for a Day initiative celebrated its 5-th birthday! So far, we have had four editions with 63 winners from all across the country.

At the age of 16 I begin to discover and understand what friendship, support, togetherness are.

The opportunity to be an ambassador for one day will undoubtedly remain a wonderful and unforgettable memory for me.

"Ambassador for a day" - the initiative that motivates, makes you believe that anything is possible. This initiative taught me that women can be leaders, that they are strong and combative. It thought me to be more responsible and believe in my skills.

The most important thing I got from this amazing experience is self-confidence. I really have more confidence after "Ambassador for a Day", but not in a bad way. I just really believe in myself, my abilities and in the fact that even seemingly incredible dreams come true.

For me, "Ambassador for a Day" was a catalyst for change. Only a few days after the start of the programme, I felt more and more confident and ready for the next challenge. I began to believe that the best was yet to come, and it was up to me to explore the possibilities.

The "Ambassador for a Day" campaign turns lives upside down.

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